Silvia Hagen

Chair Swiss IPv6 Council, CEO Sunny Connection AG

Silvia Hagen always preferred a pragmatical approach. She chose a commercial education over University and after a short excursion in the marketing area she made her hobby to her profession and managed an international recording studio for six years. 1990 she made the change to IT, 1997 she wrote her first book on TCP/IP troubleshooting, in 2001 the reference book on IPv6 for O’Reilly, “IPv6 Essentials”. Since more than 15 years she successfully runs her consulting and education company Sunny Connection AG and consults medium sized and large enterprises for the introduction of IPv6 and offers network- and application performance analysis. She is also interested in philosophy, psychology and new science and loves people that think out of the box.

Tahar Schaa

Consultant, Cassini, speaking on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany

Mr. Tahar Schaa has a university degree in electrical engineering and started his career at Secunet AG, where he was responsible for the design and construction of the German Federal Administrration Network (BNV) and secured mobile workstations for the German Bundeswehr. After he joined Hewlett Packard, he took care of the German E-ID card project and advised NATO for IT security.

Since 2010, Tahar Schaa, as a consultant for Cassini, consults the Federal Ministry of the Interior for introducing IPv6. He is the author of the IPV6 reference manual and leads the IPv6 research and development project of the German federal government. This goes from technical aspects to Internet policies which leads him to regularly participate in meetings of the UN Internet Government Forum und RIPE.

Mukom Tamon

Head Capacity Development, AFRINIC

Mukom Tamon is Head of Capacity Development at the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC). He created and runs AFRINIC’s IPv6 training program which has trained more than 2000 networking professionals in 45+ countries. He also created AFRINIC’s “IPv6 Strategy & Planning” aka “IPv6 for Managers’” course to decision makers think and plan strategically about IPv6.

Mukom regularly blogs on IPv6, is the main author of the IPv6 Forum’s “IPv6 for Systems Engineers” program. He is also the brains behind the IPv6 testing platform certi6.io – one of only 12 IPv6 Forum Certified (Gold) Certifications in the world.

Mukom’s other passions are strategy, execution and operational excellence which stem from five (05) years working in management consulting. He is globally certified in strategy execution (4DX) by Franklin Covey, Lean Six Sigma Green belt by the Chartered Quality Institute of the UK.

Manuel Schweizer

Founder and CEO, cloudscale.ch

Manuel Schweizer is the founder of cloudscale.ch AG and a member of the board at the SwissIX Internet Exchange.
He formerly worked for an ISP as the head of the data center and network engineering team where he was in charge of operating three data center locations and a multi 10 Gbps backbone.
As the CEO of cloudscale.ch AG he is currently establishing a Swiss-based cloud service provider with a strong focus on reliability and simplicity (awarded with the 2016 telecom award for “Best Self-Service Cloud Platform – Switzerland”).
Besides consulting large companies when it comes to future-proof IT strategies including SDN/NFV and pushing cloud adoption, he is also involved in upgrading the backbone of the SwissIX Internet Exchange to multiple 100 Gbps.

Stephanie Schuller

Infrastructure Implementation Manager, LinkedIn

Stephanie Schuller implemented IPv6 at LinkedIn in 2014 together with Zaid Ali Kahn and a talented task force recruited from all over the company. As a technical program manager, she drives initiatives for LinkedIn Global Operations, spanning networking, datacenters, systems, and the applications that use them.

Prior to LinkedIn, she implemented IPv6 at Cisco WebEx and virtualized the WebEx datacenters. At Yahoo, she program managed edge services and storage in the Cloud Computing division, including IPv6 at the edge and the open sourcing of Apache Traffic Server. Stephanie began her career in the pre-Web era, working at a couple of eventually unsuccessful startups before joining Oracle, a little-known company whose prospects looked marginally better. The bet paid off as Oracle grew to become a giant, and Stephanie became the Windows Product Line Manager in the ‘90s, handling the span of Oracle products on this strategic base platform.

Stephanie lives on the beach in Half Moon Bay, California, in a home known as “The Lego House” for its window displays of her creations.

Marcus Keane

Principal Network Architect, Microsoft

Marcus Keane has been working in networking for 18 years, 16 of those in Microsoft IT. He started in network deployment in Dublin, spend two years in Tokyo and finally landed in Australia for twelve years. Now based in London, he works in the network architecture group in MSIT responsible for IPv4 and IPv6 routing on the global internal backbone. His most recent project was designing and managing the migration of the internal backbone IGP from OSPFv2/OSPFv3 to IS-IS single topology.

Aarno Aukia

Co-Founder and CTO, VSHN AG

Aarno Aukia is Co-Founder and CTO of VSHN AG, the leading swiss DevOps company. His company runs (web-) applications on different public and private clouds (preferably with IPv6), so he has daily experience with dealing with different cloud providers. While his current focus is automating software deployment and operations he was co-founder at an Internet service provider before where he also introduced IPv6.

Peter Heinzmann

CTO cnlab information technology research ag

Peter L. Heinzmann received the Dipl. El. Ing. and Dr. Sc. Techn. degrees from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, in 1979 and 1987, respectively. After research assignments at the Institute for Communication Technology, ETH Zurich and at the IBM Research Division, Zurich Research Laboratory, Rueschlikon, Switzerland he joined the faculty of the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (HSR) in 1991, where he still teaches Computernetworks and Internet Security. In 1997 Prof. Heinzmann founded the cnlab information technology research ag. cnlab develops and reviews Internet applications helping its customers to improve the performance and security of their applications.

Jürg Wiesmann

F5 Networks

Jürg Wiesmann is Senior System Engineer for F5 Networks in Switzerland Designated for Service Providers based in Switzerland. He is an active Consultant for Service Providers and Integrators in architecting Secure and Highly Available IP Application and Infrastructures. In his Role he supports several Customers actively in IPv6 Migrations with a strong focus on a seamless migration of Application and/or Userlands.
As an active CISSP Certification member he has a strong focus on Security and understands the importance of Reliability and Stability.

Sofia Silva

Graduated as a Telematics Engineer from ‘Universidad de Montevideo’ (Uruguay), Sofía is currently studying a Master’s in Telematics Engineering at ‘Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’ (Spain), doing research at the University about Internet AS-level interconnection.
Before moving to Madrid, Sofía used to work for LACNIC (Internet Resources Registry for Latinamerica and the Caribbean) as Hostmaster and Resource Analyst, Policy Officer, Networks and Security Engineer and finally as Senior Security and Stability Engineer.
Before workign for LACNIC, Sofía worked at the Networking area of IBM Uruguay as IT Specialist and she was Information Security Chief for an outsourcing project.

Tom Coffeen

Tom Coffeen is the author of O’Reilly Media’s IPv6 Address Planning as well as the Chief IPv6 Evangelist at Infoblox, the market leader in DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) and network automation solutions. At Infoblox, Tom is focused on the articulation of effective IPv6 adoption strategies as well as IPv6 adoption trends for customers, potential customers, and the public media. Prior to joining Infoblox, Tom was the VP of network architecture at the global CDN Limelight Networks where he led their deployment of IPv6. Tom brings nineteen years of network engineering and architecture experience to his role at Infoblox.

Enno Rey

Enno Rey is an old school networking geek with some background in large scale network operations and security.
He’s been involved with IPv6 since 1999 and regularly blogs about IPv6 (security) topics.


Gert Döring


Gert Döring originally studied physics, but even while still in his study years he discovered his interest and passion for the Internet and made his hobby to be his profession. In May 1997 he discovered IPv6 and since then travels across Europe as an evangelist for IPv6 and fights against “legacy IP”.


Jen Linkova

Jen Linkova has been a Network Engineer at Google for almost 6 years (first in Sydney, Australia, then in Zurich, Switzerland).
Prior to joining Google, she worked for Cisco, a Cisco Gold partner and some Russian ISPs. Jen’s areas of interest includes, first of all, IPv6 as well as various core network technologies. Jen is a frequent presenter at various conferences such as RIPE, Ausnog etc, mostly on IPv6-related topics. In 2014 she became a co-chair of RIPE IPv6 Working Group.

Eric Vyncke


Eric Vyncke is a Distinguished Engineer based in the Brussels office of Cisco Systems. His main current technical focus is about security and IPv6. He has designed several secured hosting services, large IPsec networks, and other security related designs. In his work for the IETF, he co-authored RFC 3585 and 5514 and is active in V6OPS, 6MAN and OPSEC working groups. His recent works are related to IPv6 including co-authoring a book on IPv6 Security.

He is also a visiting professor for security topics at the University of Mons. He is an adjunct professor at HEC, the business school of University of Liège, Begium. Since 2012, he is the co-chairman of the IPv6 Council of Belgium. Eric’s web site also collect statistics about IPv6 deployment: http://www.vyncke.org/ipv6status/

He holds a CISSP certification and speaks frequently at international conferences.

Fernando Gont

Security Consultant, SI6 Networks

Fernando Gont specializes in the field of communications protocols security, working for private and governmental organizations. As part of his work for these organizations, he has written a series of documents with recommendations for network engineers and implementers of the TCP/IP protocol suite, and has performed the first thorough security assessment of the IPv6 protocol suite. Fernando is currently working as a security consultant and researcher for SI6 Networks. Additionally, he is a member of the Centro de Estudios de Informatica (CEDI) at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional/Facultad Regional Haedo (UTN/FRH) of Argentina, where he works in the field of Internet engineering. As part of his work, he is active in several working groups of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and has published more than a dozen IETF RFCs and IETF Internet-Drafts.
Besides developing new IPv6 attack and defense techniques, Fernando has produced the SI6 Network’s IPv6 Toolkit — a portable and
comprehensive security toolkit for the IPv6 protocol suite. He is a regular speaker at many international conferences and a regular attendee of IETF meetings.

Christian Blumer


Christian Blumer is a Consultant for IT Strategy in network & systems, team coaching and application development with a strong technical knowledge in IP networks. He helps companies defining their future oriented architecture to enable growth and next generation requirements.

Christian is the co-founder of various companies in the Information Technology like Devantis SA (Software development), ISP Solutions SA (Network & Datacenter) and a system integrator. He lead the IPv6 deployment for some internal networks (> 1’000 users) and helped a Content provider to start implementing IPv6 on his backbone.

As a software development project manager he integrated IPv6 in company internal software in dual-stack and v6-only environments.

Adrian Marc Zwygart

IPv6 Trainer

Adrian spent his first years in IT with implementing and running Cisco Networks, DNS Infrastructures and Security Gateways in the Environment of Swiss Governments (first cantonal and then national). Afterwards he focused in Network Performance Analysis for the Swiss Government network. Finally he moved into the field of Leadership and Training. He loves the interaction between people and technology.

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